Lyric Extender Line Glitch

Hi All–
I’ve produced a new edition of Saint-Saen’s Ave Maria à 2 Voix Égales, and I’ve noticed a weird thing: the lyric hyphenation lines are wrong in one of the measures at a page break and I can’t adjust them in engrave mode and entering the lyrics anew doesn’t solve the issue. Hyphens are fine on all the other lines. Any ideas?

Well, I still don’t know what caused it, but if I tried switching it to “lyrics above staff” and then putting it back it re-rendered correctly. How odd.

I’ve had this when lyrics have been copied and pasted from music that is slightly different.

I’ve had horizontal alignment issues in that case, but I’ve never had hyphens and letters on a different vertical plane.

This is a glitch I did experience on different occasions. I could not find a pattern to explain how it happens, but I found that rewriting the word or toggling properties (or eventually closing the document and reopening it) could solve that glitch.

Mine might be a different glitch, but deleting and re-entering usually solved it on the third or fourth go.

I was really surprised when I deleted and re-entered and it was still messed up. I’ve experienced that elsewhere though, with copying lyrics (recently discussed in another thread) where it would take until the 3rd or 4th time before they would copy correctly even though I was clicking directly on the same notehead each time.