Lyric input quirks in 1.0.30

Hi Dorico Team–
I’m posting the links to two unlisted youtube videos. I’m engraving Schubert’s Ave Maria because many (most?) of the versions I am finding for free online are terrible. They either amount to sad scans or were done by people who don’t really have an eye for “engraving”. At any rate, I ran into a few quirks with inputting lyrics. Sorry the first video is so long-winded!

Thanks for all you do and cheers to anyone who knows tricks I don’t. I don’t discount in the slightest that some of my issues may be user error.

Thanks for your videos. I know this sounds like a horrible thing to say, but I can read text a lot quicker than watching a video in real time, so I would appreciate it if in future you could also summarise your questions in text form as well as (or instead of) posting the videos, as it saves me a few precious minutes! Thanks for considering.

Video #1:

  1. Lyric input on tied notes. This is a bit of an edge case, certainly: nine times out of ten what Dorico does with tied notes and lyrics is helpful. I would suggest not adding the tie until you have entered lyrics for both verses, or alternatively using a dashed slur instead of a dashed tie, whichever you find least offensive!

  2. Lyric input on grace notes. If you input a lyric on a rhythmic note and then hit Space to advance, you are not just moving the insertion point but also telling Dorico that the lyric has a duration and should be sung over the following notes: this includes grace notes. So if you don’t want an extender line over lyrics, then you should hit right arrow instead of Space to move the insertion point.

  3. Lyric popover location in tuplets. I agree that it might be useful to see the rhythmic grid when you’re in the popover. We might do this in future.

Video #2:

This is a bit of a tricky situation, but you can sort it with a bit of ingenuity. In the next update it will be easier because we will have editing operations that make it easier to switch the voice of existing notes. But what you can basically do is enter the whole passage that needs different underlay, e.g. from the fourth beat of the first bar you show up until the third beat of the next bar, in a down-stem voice that you can use to attach all of the verse 2 lyrics to, then delete all but the single beat where the rhythm actually differs. I’ve done this for you in the attached, so you can probably copy and paste these two bars into your existing arrangement with no ill effects. (63.5 KB)

"In the next update it will be easier because we will have editing operations that make it easier to switch the voice of existing notes. "
Can I contain my excited anticipation for the next update? Probably not. :slight_smile: j

No offense taken! I realize I was a bit verbose. I was rather tired at the end of the day. I also understand that you have so many people vying for your attention. Just know we don’t expect you to be the only one to answer :wink: There are some people on this forum who have amazing knowledge of Dorico, substantially more than my own. And, as it shows, a few things were indeed user error. Thank you for your helpful replies.

1.) I will just hold off on the tie until everything is entered in the future.
2.) my user error… I didn’t even realize the arrows worked. I was thinking that spaces were the only way to advance. New trick up my sleeve.
3.) didn’t even think of the rhythmic grid. This is probably a wonderful way to do it since it keeps UI consistent. I imagine a few other popovers might benefit from the same treatment.

As always, thanks, Daniel! :slight_smile: