Lyric inputs with odd alignment

Very odd:


File here:
Drop Drop Slow Tears.dorico (583.6 KB)

This was reported here:

However, I’ve as yet been unable to reproduce the problem.

As I do not have the Minion Pro font on my System (also, I’m using a Mac) the alignment of “slow” behaved properly when I tried it using whatever font Dorico substituted. However, when I went through Library > Paragraph Styles and changed Lyrics to Times, the alignment changed to what is shown in your example. Baskerville, Crimson, Devanagari MT, STIXGeneral, Times New Roman and FreeSerif fonts also misaligned “slow”.

Another observation: the alignment of “slow” changed when choosing a different rastral size in Layout Options. There was still some misalignment at sizes 4 and 5, but choosing any of the other preset sizes corrected the problem. Changing the Custom Spacing Ratio also affected the alignment.

In my case I was using Dorico’s default Lyrics font.
So, as Daniel says, it is a perplexing problem that does not affect all syllables or all users.
I notice that Dan’s example, like mine, occurs on the final note of a measure here.

@dspreadbury mine is slightly different, in that I was typing in, not pasting. It’s only happened to me once.

This happens for me on this file every time, even after closing and reopening. I do find that if I nudge the syllable, it jumps into the correct location.

Two last observations:

  1. When I changed the length of any of the first three words by typing any one, two, or all three of these - Dropp, dropp sloww - the alignment corrected itself.

  2. The alignment corrected itself when I added a non-breaking space (Unicode U+00A0) using Alt-Shift-Space after either the first word (Drop,) or the third word (slow). After only the second word (drop) had no effect.

I’m on Mac. (So this is not a Windows font thing.) When I open this file, select “slow”, go into engrave mode, and just switch on Properties > Offset (so that X and Y = 0), the positions of both “drop” and “slow” are restored to normal. Same if I select only “drop” or if I select both. I expect you can reproduce this.

Also, when I switch off the new Engraving Options > Lyrics > Override alignment of first lyric on system, the problem disappears.

Just something you might want to check. After nudging (and closing the file, I think), when I looked at the vocal part rather than the full score, the syllable was nudged too far to the left. I pushed it back (them actually: it happened elsewhere in the same relative spot) in the vocal part and found it was where it should be when I switched back to the full score. When I continued to add lyrics after that, I did not have a problem with misplaced syllables.