Lyric Justification

Hymnals generally use a form of justification that is a hybrid between Left and Center for the first word of each line. The word column is left-aligned but as a block it is centered around the note (See picture).

Is this possible with Dorico?

You can justify the syllables with the properties panel, but (AFAIK) one word at a time.

Thanks, Derrek. I’m aware of the justification properties, but as I stated in the OP, I need something that is a hybrid between Left and Center. I’m hoping that there is an easy way to achieve this.

Your image showed left justification, not the combination you mention; the impression was that your picture represented what you wanted. If I mistook, that’s why.

You can use note spacing to shift the notes right (using the small circle)
Shifting the whole beat back left (the square), will give you even note spacing.

Derrek, if you look closely at my image, you’ll see that the text is left justified but also centered around the note. Simple left justification would align the text with the left edge of the note.

Anders, I may have to use your suggestion for now. It ends up being a 3 or 4 step process, because my systems are packed pretty tightly.

Dorico Team,
Since what I am asking for is a fairly standard method of justification in hymnals, please consider adding an additional justification option. I’m not sure what to call it: Centered Left?

Thank you,

When I’ve faced this circumstance I just use the left align for all four, select all four words at the same time, and then just nudge them a bit in engrave mode with alt arrow. You have to manually adjust all over the score but it is achievable as it stands now. Automatic would be great, but at least you can do what you want in the meantime.

We will certainly consider this for future versions, though I agree that it’s not too onerous to produce this form of justification manually at the moment: set all the lyrics to be left-aligned via the Properties panel, then adjust them left with the Alt+arrow keys in Engrave mode.

I’m gald to hear that you will consider this. True, it can be done manually, but it requires a bit more work than simply shifting the left-aligned lyrics. The spacing of the previous and following notes also has to be adjusted manually, because it does not automatically recalibrate for the new position of the lyrics.

I’m using lyrics to annotate tune analysis : line #1 : note degrees in scale, line #2 used scale

I read the above mentionned posts and yes it’s a bit slow to adjust alignment for each word using the property panel

But there is another issue: when changing anything in a word, like fixing a typo, the previously set alignement is lost and one has to manually reset it again. Put another way changing something in an existing word or a syllab is handled as entering a new word or syllab That sounds like a bug to me, although minor.