lyric line above - how to get it closer to the stave [solved]


I have tried a lot of settings, but I don’t seem to be able to get the „passus, passus,“ in bar 176 and 177 closer to the staff (it is the lyric line 1 above). This can not be adjusted in Engrave Mode nor in the Property Panel. Shouldn’t there be settings where I can specify these values?
Thank you for help.

Lyrics can’t be vertically adjusted. Maybe in Dorico 3?!
The bigger question is why Dorico’s putting them so far away from the staff. What happens if you delete the hairpins?

Interesting! I suspect that you’ve got some excessive collision avoidance there. What happens if you remove the text and dynamics from one line?

I tried reproducing this with the default SATB template, and the result looked OK.
lyric position.png

Are those lyrics in a different line than the others perhaps? Check the line number in the properties panel.

I requested a separate default vertical offset value for lyrics above the stave a few months ago and Daniel took note. Hopefully we will see that in V3.

As for why your lyrics are floating off into space, I’m befuddled. If anything I bed Dan is right. Alternatively you could try using the lyric translation or chorus options if they aren’t being employed elsewhere.

Try “select all” on the flow and see if there are any stray handles belonging to something that shouldn’t be there.

You might also try adding other lyrics above the staff to see where the problem starts and ends, if it doesn’t affect the whole flow.

Possibly you have something crazy like a “cresc” marking on a previous page that extends many bars after where it was supposed to end, and Dorico is making room for it in case you changed it to a hairpin, or something similar.

Thank you everybody trying to help. I am back at my computer, just for a test I made the voices visible:

I think it must have to do with the fact, that there are stems pointing up. If I flip them down (which I don’t want) the lyric line gets closer to the staff.
In Engraving Options I set the distance for lyrics below the stage to quite a small value:

Is it possible that Dorico interprets this as „shift lyric up“ thus shifting lyrics above the stave further away from it?


Dan asked what Lyric Line those lyrics were set to, not which voice they were assigned to…

Where is the “Tutti” text anchored? I’ll bet you’ve created it on the first “pas-” note, and then moved it with Engrave Mode.

Try moving the text in WRITE mode to the left a bit.


yes it is all lyrics line 1, either below or above.
But the good news: problem solved :slight_smile:
It was a very simple reason:
I had created these Playing techniques Solo and Tutti and attached them to the note, where the Solo or Tutti start to sing. Then in Engrave Mode shifted them out of the way to not clutter the score when there were dynamics attached to the same note and make it a bit better to read.
In this very case the Tutti (Playing technique) was the first thing to appear over the note, then the Lyric Lin 1 above, then the Dynamics. Everything of course kept in place, when I moved the Playing Technique to another position…
So this time I attached the playing technique to the previous note (still in the Solo) - everything else was in good position, and moved them from that position onto the desired place:

Yes! You won the bet :slight_smile: Ben, this is exactly what was „wrong“…