Lyric line bug affecting staff visibility

Hi – i don’t think this has already been flagged on the forums, but apologies if so.

There seems to be a bug with a lyric extension line which causes an empty stave not to be hidden as it should be. This happens in the file attached, with the extension of the word “backs”. The subsequent empty staves for ‘ONE’ do not hide. If the lyric extension line is removed in b.44, the subsequent staves hide correctly.

Another bug in this file is in b.65 vocal score – condensing in the vocal parts does not handle the tuplets over the barlines, and it just removes all the music. The condensing of the same lines in b.80 works fine, where the tuplets are within a bar.

240214 WATLO VS for forum.dorico (3.9 MB)

When you were inputting the lyrics for “ONE”, you hit Space to advance past the last note that should have the word “backs”, such that the lyric ends up with a very long duration, probably to another note later on in the staff. As such, that lyric, even though it doesn’t draw an extender line beyond the last note, has a duration that means it is ongoing through subsequent systems, and hence that staff isn’t empty on those systems. Delete that last lyric and reinput it, being careful not to hit Space beyond the last note, and everything will be OK.

We’re aware of the limitations with complex tuplets and condensing. You’ll have to simply avoid that kind of situation for the time being. This isn’t something we’re likely to be working on in the very near future, though of course we do plan to continue to improve condensing, and in particular condensing of vocal music, in future.

Hi Daniel, thanks for the reply. But if you don’t advance past that note, then the lyric extension line won’t be long enough to cover the phrase. See the screenshot, where I have advanced the lyric line just enough to cover the phrase, by pressing space until the next note in that part (which has it’s own lyric anyway).
See the screenshot. This is still causing the player to be visible when it shouldn’t be.

One other thing I noticed with condensing (you’re probably aware of it already) — if two parts both have a time signature added to only those parts (i.e. the global time sig for that bar is different) — then condensing those two parts omits the time signature, even though the two parts have the same time sig.

I tested the lyrics issue in your specific project, so what I told you works as I described. Press Space until the lyric line shows at the start of the new system, and then hit Esc instead of pressing Space to advance past the end of the note.

Hi Daniel — thanks for your perseverence on this — unfortunately the problem is still there. I think the problem is not occurring in the file I sent because I had to delete all the later music to get it under the 4MB upload limit. But it is not behaving properly (as you describe) in the full score file I have.
I’ve now added some music to ONE’s part later in the test file I sent, and the problem is still occurring. I cannot advance the lyric cursor to the beginning of the next system because it is a tied note, so the lyric caret takes me straight to the next vocal entry in that part, and the staves in between are visible when they shouldn’t be. If I press escape before getting to the final note of the phrase, then the lyric extension line is not drawn. I’ve attached the file again, here, with the extra music at the end now, which is perhaps causing the problem.
240214 WATLO VS for forum.dorico (3.9 MB)

Here is a procedure to fix the problem with the lyric extension line from bar 44.

In the ONE layout:

Untie the note in bar 45-46
Select the note in bar 46 and convert it to an undotted half-note
Input a quarter-note on the rest on the third beat of bar 46
Delete the word “backs”
Re-input the word “backs” followed by three spaces and Escape
Convert the half-note in bar 46 to a dotted half-note
Tie the note in bar 45 to the note in bar 46

Another approach would be to add a “stopper” note at the start of bar 47, delete the “backs” lyric, and reinput it. The presence of the note in bar 47 will prevent Dorico from whizzing on to the next notes in bar 107.


Unfortunately this solution doesn’t seem to work for me. Although it does give me a partial solution of getting the extension line to at least the beginning of the F-natural (and then I re-tie the notes). But even with the notes untied, if I extend the lyric caret past the F natural (i.e. three presses and escape) then it still unhides all the empty staves.

@dspreadbury — the stopper note works, and the lyric line and the stave visibility seems to stay OK after deleting the stopper note.

Is this a known general bug with lyric lines, or is there just something in my score which has corrupted?

Thanks for the help, both of you.

That’s a pity. It worked for me, that’s why I posted it. I checked it about five times to make sure that it was accurate. The only change I would make is that before converting the half-note in bar 46 back to a dotted half-note (by pressing the " . " key), I would first delete the quarter-note on the last beat. Same effect, but sometimes dotting the half-note first would cause the half-note to tie to the quarter-note rather than changing to a dotted half-note.

If it doesn’t work for you, use Daniel’s method instead. In situations like this, I am happy to find any method which “does the job”.

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Oh — big apologies – your method did work – I was trying it without adding the quarter note, that’s why it didn’t work. Thanks!

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