Lyric line numbers at the beginning of each staff system

Hi, everybody!

Please see the example of stanza numbers at the beginning of not only the first staff system, but every staff system.

I think I could put the lyric line numbers in at the beginning of each staff system by editing the lyrics (once the system breaks and frame breaks are sure to not change).

However, I wonder if there is an easier way to do this. Please share you methods.


P.S. I don’t really plan to do this for the hymnal. However, I’ve heard folks whose eyesight was less-than-excellent say that they prefer this in hymnals. I want to do it for some samples to send to editors with various lyric options.

Lyrics > engraving options > verse numbers. Turn them on for all staves.

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However, this also displays a verse number in the chorus, which must be switched off manually in each staff. And if you have a flow with only one verse, verse number 1 is also displayed in each staff.

Feature request: An option to display verse numbers only for multiple verses.

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@Romanos, @BassoContinuo,

Thank you very much!


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If you actually change the lyric entry to chorus, rather than v1, this doesn’t happen. (Press the up arrow to switch into the chorus layer.)