Lyric mistake, moving lyrics

I think I know the answer… but I began to input some music with lyrics. I recognized after a few days, that what is the chorus never was inputted as such. It was inputted (is that even a word?) in Verse 1.

Is there a way to select the lyrics and move them to chorus? If so, how?


Select the lyrics you want to change, open the Properties Panel and click the Chorus button …

So I believe I tried this option…

To be more specific, I went and inputted (still curious about this word) a string of lyrics. It turns out that halfway through the lyrics it turned into the chorus (unbeknownst to me). When I clicked on the “chorus” it turned everything into the chorus line. Not just from where I started.

I ended re typing the lyrics to get it to work. But thanks for the advice!


Dear Robby,
Why wouldn’t you just write that you input those lyrics ? :wink:


I am not that smart… HAHAHAHA!!!