Lyric placement.

Hi Folks,

When entering lyrics, most often than not, the lyrics align with the notes. Notes will move to accommodate the lyric.

Whilst this works just fine most of the time, there seems to be an issue where lyrics cross a bar line. The notes no longer move and I end up with the last word in a bar being superimposed on the first word in the next bar.

As a work around I have padded words with spaces (Shift+Alt+Space). This works but the words don’t sit centrally on the note.

Any ideas or hints?


There’s something else amiss here, since lyrics avoid colliding even when they’re in different bars.

You definitely shouldn’t add hard spaces, as that will cause more problems than it solves. There’s a better solution, I’m sure.

What is your setting in Engraving Options–Lyrics–Horizontal spacing, minimum distance between lyrics?

I think it will be easiest to diagnose this problem if you could attach the project, or at least an excerpt from it, so we can take a look.