Lyric spacing

What is the best way/setting to correctly space lyrics which are on the last eigth note in the last bar of a staff?
I can’t find any setting in Engraving Options / Lyrics for this particular but common case.

I am aware that the horizontal position of lyrics can be changed in the properties panel to left, center and right and these settings can solve these situations but is this half automatic setting the way one has to work?
Could Dorico automatically take care of such situations?

At the moment there’s nothing automatic you can do to change Dorico’s behaviour. Lyrics cause extra rhythmic space to be added when they push against one another, but at the end of the system there is nothing to the right of the final lyric for it to push against. We have considered adding a “stopper” at the end of the system for the last lyric to push against, but I can’t remember why we chose not to do this yet, though I’m certain there will have been a reason.

Thanks for your answer.
Interesting that you did consider this “stopper” but then rejected the idea.
Of course Dorico gives good results when you edit the “Lyric text alignment” in the property panel.
But as this situation is quite common it would be great if Dorico could automatically take care of this.
So I would plead for this feature.

I also found a case where editing the “Lyric text alignment” can lead to an unwanted result.

This picture shows the original situation where a syllable overlaps the music frame:

The next pixture shows the result when I set the “Lyric text assignment” to center:

But in this case, instead of only centering the syllable Dorico also moves the whole bar to the next staff,
and the syllable stays centered though now it is not wished any more.
Trying to deactivate the alignment setting or setting the alignment to “left” moves the bar to the previous staff and all can start from the beginning again!
I am sure that further tweakings would lead to a better result, but I believe that it then begins to be too much work for such a situation.

BTW chord symbols also need this function.

I think this yields from the “-steh’n” syllable colliding with the “ver-” syllable when being centered, which forces Dorico to push the whole bar to the next system.
Maybe you could try pushing the “ver-” a bit to the left?

Thanks for your suggestion Estigy.
BTW in my case it does not work and Dorico always move the bar to the next staff, which is probably the best solution.

But what I would like is that Dorico automatically takes care of such cases.
I would even prefer that Dorico directly moves the bar to the next staff if a syllabe goes beyond the music frame!
Interesting is that the program takes care that the tie does not go beyond the music frame.