Lyric suggestion

If I re-click on a syllable or word it would be good for it to be selected, so that when I type it replaces. It’s an extra couple of keys every time to select and delete.

Do you mean that you want to be able to change the text in lyrics without deleting them and re-inputting a new lyric? If so, that is already possible: select the lyric you want to change, then open the lyrics popover by pressing Shift-L. The existing text for the lyric is shown in the popover, so you can just edit it and press Return to close the popover, or Space or - (dash) to advance to subsequent lyrics and continue changing them.

I know that I can do that. What I’d like is for that lyric to already be selected so I don’t have to delete it in the popover first.

I should also say that I love the lyrics popover - so much better than anything else.

Can I second steveparker’s request, please?

In most word processors, if something’s selected all it takes is a right arrow to shift the cursor to the end of the selection, of a left arrow to shift the cursor to the beginning of the selection, and typing automatically deletes the selection and replaces it.

90% of the time, if I’m invoking the lyric popover where there’s an existing word, I want to replace it. Ctrl/Cmd-A to select is slow for the 90% where an additional arrow key press would be relatively quick for the 10% of the time that I want to add a letter or something.

The 10% would likely disappear entirely if Dorico could actually keep up with my typing speed, which it can’t! I frequently lose letters at the beginning of words. I could understand this in big projects on a slow computer, but on a quad-core i7 machine with 16gb of RAM on a three page piano vocal score it’s a bit frustrating…

I second Steve and Pianoleo on that matter. It’s a matter of a second or two lost every time I need to correct each syllable… Not the most urgent thing but would be appreciated :wink:

It would make a huge difference for me if that typing speed issue with the lyrics pop-over was fixed. I deal a lot with choral/vocal music. I already force myself to wait at the beginning of each syllable to make sure Dorico is coming along, but still letters get lost. This gets really annoying after a while.

It’s not obvious (and possibly also not yet documented!) but if you hit Space to advance the popover, then when the popover opens at a position with existing lyrics, the lyric will be selected when the popover opens; using the left/right arrow keys, however, is intended to be like moving the cursor left or right in a word processor.

You can also use Shift+Space to go back the other way, though this doesn’t currently also select the text automatically when moving backwards – I might try that out for a bit and see whether it feels good, in which case we will enable that.

I would like it to auto select if you just click a syllable to edit it too.

Dear Steve,

This is what I understood in your previous post (and with which I totally agree).


However, this doesn’t work when you hit hyphen for the next syllable, thus it’s a bit inconsistent. I would love to have lyrics selected also when I click the hyphen, it’s very useful for replacing lyrics in a row.

I completely agree with these requests. This has been something I’ve found slightly counter-intuitive.

I would like to support Lucas’s comment. That’s where it impacts me the most as well.


I think I may have brought this feature request up in a long forgotten thread, but just in case it didn’t make it onto the radar of the team I’d like to second this!

I’ve made this change, so this will be included in the next major version.

Thank you, Daniel!

Marvellous! Thank you!

Yay! Thanks!

Thank you Daniel! This will be a very welcome improvement.