Lyric translation vertical placement

By default translation lyrics (accessible by alt-down or up arrow) are placed beneath the original language. Is there any way to change it so the translation is above the original? (And still italics for the translation and normal text for the original language). I have to transcribe something exactly the way it was printed or I wouldn’t worry about i.

Why not just switch the two? You can certainly make one italics and the other not, as you want.

I thought about switching the two as it is easy and I’ll probably do that, but it doesn’t answer my question, is there a way to flip the two lyric lines? I find the myriad of settings hard to find things like this (if it exists) that I might never use again so I ask.

No, translation is always below regular lyrics in Dorico, and there’s no way to swap them. I suppose you could also use line 1 translation, then line 2 regular.

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Thanks. I’ll just swap the two lyrics and change the font styles. (Now to find a source for determining syllables in Indonesian).