Lyric Underline thickness

Is there a way to change the thickness of the underline when it comes to lyrics? Currently using lyrics for percussion stickings, some of the lyrics I needed to italicize and underline (for drawing attention to the stickings). The underline when I export the music as PDFs or TIFFs begins to look gray and not black due to the thinness of the line. At least when printed it looks gray.

Step 11 line 2.pdf (20.2 KB)


Yes, it’s in Engraving Options > Lyrics > Extender Lines > Line thickness !

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Thanks for trying to help Ben, but that does not seem to work.

I am trying to thicken the lines used for the underline function, if you underline text. The extender line does not seem to affect to the underlines.


Ah, Sorry. :flushed:

I can’t see anything. At worst, you could edit the PDF, thickening the strokes.

Underline thickness is determined by the font itself, for what it’s worth.


Yes, as Daniel said, you will need to Edit/Update the metadata inside the font, both the vertical positioning and its thickness. FontForge can do this for you if you want a freeware app or try instead the trial version of FontLab7 or Glyphs 3 apps.


Thanks for that information. I was totally unaware. Perhaps I need to find another font.