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i have a piece with 4 verses at some point shrinking down to one verse (same words in all of them).
Is it possible to (somehow) show a bracket or should i say piano brace for this “standard” incident?

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You can cheat it. Copy and paste a bracket from here:
into Shift-X text. Turn off Collision Avoidance and position appropriately in Engrave mode. For more detailed information on exactly how to do this, search the forum for SMUFL.

Thanks for the detailed help!

Hope that one day… (maybe tomorrow…?) this feature will be added

I too look forward to this being natively handled. I also hope for greater control over lyric spacing and placement in the next version.

I thought I’d tag this on here since it’s in the same area…

In some songs, the lyrics when they’re repeated are almost (i.e. 95%+) identical and only very small changes (usually pronouns) occur. I’ve attached an example below.

The layout appears to be that the changes are allocated to lines 1 and 2 and the main body of the lyric straddles them on line 1.5 !! As you can see from the examples it can apply to just a single word, or longer, and the changes are enclosed in brackets.

I’ve only come across this a few times.

You can use the chorus line of lyrics for the lyrics shared between verses, of course, though you’ll still need to add the braces yourself.

Thanks Daniel.
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Hi, just came across this topic. Your link no longer works. Then again, the text you’re referring to, to paste a bracket in, is only available in Dorico Pro, correct?
Is there a way to create a bracket in Elements?

Here’s the updated link:

I don’t know whether you can do what’s needed in Elements.

(Actually, see the better answer below:)

Dana, it works, albeit a little differently now:

Now it is possible to right click when inputting shift+X text and “input music text”. Scroll up to the staff brackets and dividers section and there they are.



Romanos, thank you for your elaborate answer! :+1: That’s great.

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