Lyric verses

Is there any way to remove the period from verse numbers? Verse numbers read more cleanly on the page when they are just a number, without the period following. Perhaps there’s a work-around possible via non-breaking spaces, but obviously a semantic solution would be preferable.

Also—I am under the impression that the terms “verse” and “stanza” do not mean the same thing, and that in, say, a hymn or carol, what we colloquially call “verses” are actually “stanzas” (perhaps an enterprising English and Literature professor could enlighten us?). If this is the case, might it be more precise for Dorico to use the term “stanza numbers” instead of “verse numbers”? (Of course, this would cause further issues with usability…)

I will make a note of your suggestion to show verse numbers without a full stop/period following them.

Yes, thanks for noting that for a possible future update, Daniel. Those of us setting hymns or other liturgical music are used to there being no periods/full stops after the verse numbers (most hymnals adhere to that style). I finally had to export a PDF file and go into Adobe Illustrator and remove the period/full stop after the verse numbers, to get it to be consistent with our house style. When there’s a will, there’s a way. :wink:

The 1.0.30 update will include an option to remove the dots after verse numbers, so that’s one thing less to worry about, at least.

Thanks, Daniel. It’d still be great to have the option to repeat verse numbers per system.

Hi All (& Daniel)

I have another feature request. I will start by saying that this very well may be insignificant enough as to not be worth the trouble. If so, no problem. I’ve discovered that when setting a hymn, lyrics do not look quite right when you have the interval of a second in the S&A parts with independent stems. This is obviously a specific-use case so again, I understand if this isn’t worth pursuing. Just the same, I’m wondering if it would be possible to have a toggle in engrave mode that would allow the centering of text to be to the note head proper or the stem. That slight difference is sometimes enough to make things look right or fit in well when you have tight spacing.

Here’s a little video to show what I mean. The video is unlisted so only members reading this post will be able to view it. - YouTube

There is the obvious (and comparably easy) work around of simply nudging the text in engrave mode and I was able to achieve the results I wanted so there’s no problem in that regard.

As a totally unrelated issue, I was setting plainchant in simplified notation (modern round noteheads on a modern stave, stemless) and was wondering if I’m missing a setting for stemless noteheads or if the only way to achieve it is by -3 3/8 on the stem length.

Nice demo of your problem, Romanos401. Can you tell me how you entered the apostrophe in off-'ring? It’s the wrong way round (common in apps eg MS Word that use “smart quotes”) so did you just enter a ’ and Dorico turned it into a ‘ or did you enter a ’ and Dorico switched it?

I just typed a regular apostrophe. Dorico did its thing.

Are there any plans to make verse/line numbering as flexible as repeat endings? I need to do a numbering like this, but it is rather complicated to get this into Dorico with the current verse numbering options…
Bildschirmfoto 2017-08-13 um 01.16.25.png

+1 on customizable verse number text.

Familiar example is “O come all ye faithful” with second verse “Sing choirs of angels”. Is there a way to have the automatic verse numbers align with either a blank, a non-printing character, or a line instead of the first word of the second verse? Right now the “2.” appears next to “Sing” and not aligned with “1.”.



P.S. on Mac OS 10.3

No, at the moment the verse number will always appear immediately before the first lyric on a system.

A hard (non-breaking) space will work.


I’d like to revisit this and echo the suggestions to allow more flexibility here (sooner than later).
I have an example (see attached) that I find odd because the lyric numbers are appearing very far to the left even though there are no lyrics until beat 2. The upper part has 3 beats of rest and it looks very awkward with the verse numbers the way they are now. I’d very much prefer an option for what I’ve rendered in red.

There is an option to Show Verse Number for ANY syllable, in the Properties panel. (Flick the switch AND check the box!)

One more feature request: In a choral [SATB condensed] score, when entering lyrics above notes (via Shift+Up Arrow), it would be nice if the Lyrics display on the left [during entry] showed an up arrow (↑) to differentiate from regular lyrics entry. As it is, when I key Shift+Up Arrow, nothing changes in the display to show that anything is different. 'Tis a bit confusing to know where one is at, exactly.

However, I will say that with the “Show Colors for Voices” activated, seeing which lyrics are connected to which voices is extremely valuable. +1

I use this property regularly however you don’t get to decide where the number is placed.

I will mention a hack here (which was intimated by Marc a long time ago) for anyone else running up against this: I was able to fake it by hiding the verse numbers on that line in the properties panel and then entering the verse number as a part of the first lyric of each part (ie: 1. [alt+space] xxxx). Just make sure that your lyrics and verse number fonts are the same.

Since this just occurred to me and this is an appropriately titled thread:

It would be nice if for verses, we had an option to select the first lyric of a given line and select, “men / women / all” or perhaps better still, to type in some qualifier to be placed before the verse number. When doing liturgical arrangements, particularly for hymn festivals, it’s very common to label verses for men / women or organ solo, for instance.

I hope this is the right place for posting this question - when working with hymn texts, there are often times when you may have more than 4 verses and, for the sake of the singer, want to organize 4 verses in a group and then copy the music and place verses 5-8, for instance, in a different grouping. I have not been able to get Dorico to recognize that the second grouping should continue the numbered verses, rather than re-display the numbers 1-4. If I use the dialogue box to select verse 5, then the spacing gets wonky as there is a bunch of blank space between the notes and verse 5. Does anyone have a fix for this? (Or another forum link that has an answer)? Thanks!