Lyric view in full-screen mode on secondary monitor

Hi, we are using a hdmi monitor as teleprompter on stage like a wedge monitor (instead of the ipad app, to have bigger screen). Is it possible to have lyric window in full screen mode like the video outputs? At the moment i have it as a maximixed window so start menu and window top bar is still visible. I would like to have it in real full screen …!

Regards, Ciro.

Ok, so turns out there is a OS setting in windows 11 to hide taskbar on secondary monitors. But there is still the lyric window title bar, it would be nice to hide.

Bye, Ciro.

Yeah, it’s the WinOS…
on MacOS I can make it fully fullscreen, but can’t do the same in WinOS.

Well… i’m thinking about alternative solutions … to free also 1 hdmi output for videos.

Use one of the iphone lightning to hdmi adapter to project iphone screen on tv !!! … it becomes also a wireless teleprompter :rofl::rofl: it should work… maybe!

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Well, i tried with a lightning to hdmi adapter from iphone to tv. The adapter works flawlessy with other apps in landscape, full screen on tv, but with VST Live mods the aspect ratio is messed up, it’s a shame, it would have been funny to use as a wireless relay for lyrics on a big tv screen.

@musicullum , @Spork , just another thing to check if/when you’ll update the app.