Lyrics and dynamics


When writing for four part choir in two staves I like to have the dynamics for the lower staff placed beneath the staff. In Dorico this means that the lyrics ends up underneath the dynamics. Is there a way to have it the other way around as default? That is, to have the lyrics closest to the staff and the dynamics beneath it? For a singer it makes more sense to have the lyrics as close to the notes as possible.

(The attached file shows the way Dorico does it.)

I’m afraid there’s no way to influence the order of lyrics and dynamics below the staff at the moment, no, except to manually move them, though since you can’t yet move the lyrics closer to the staff they will always be sufficiently far away from the staff to allow room for the dynamics, even if the dynamics are actually below the lyrics. We’ll have a think about how we might be able to address this in future.

Thank you for your answer, and happy new year!