Lyrics and MusicXML issues in Dorico 3

I have two problems that worked fine in Dorico 1, but now seem to glitching in Dorico 3…

1.) I believe this may be a problem resulting from the new option to paste in copied lyrics, but I often need to paste in a special character from the Character Map (Win) into a lyrics popover, such as a é, à, etc. When pasting, even if the current text in the box isn’t selected, it deletes whatever had been in the lyrics box and advances to the next note, making writing out lyrics in other languages quite annoying. If it is a product of that new function, is there a way to turn it on and off?

2.) Suppose I import a MusicXML file, a piano part for example, and import into two voices into two flutes by default. If I then try to individually copy the voices from imported flow to a piano part in a new flow, Dorico will paste in the right hand voice fine, but doesn’t want to allow me to paste the left hand voice. Rather, it pastes the copied left hand voice over the right hand, even when obviously pasting into the left hand staff.

Just addressing point number 1: no, there isn’t a way or turning it off. It’s how pasting now works: you can copy and paste (hyphenated) text into Dorico, and it will paste a syllable at a time. You might have better luck using the new Edit Line of Lyrics dialogue, or learning the character codes for accented characters.

Be careful with Edit Line of Lyrics and accented characters. Dorico tends to quit spontaneously under some circumstances (WIndows only, as Daniel says).

When you paste, Dorico pastes instrument-wise, not staff-wise. So if you have music for two flutes, that’s music for two instruments, and when you paste it, Dorico will paste it into two instruments: the two staves of a piano belong to the same instrument, so Dorico won’t paste the music for flute 2 into the left-hand staff of the piano. Instead, select only the music that you want to appear in the left-hand staff of the piano, copy that to the clipboard, then select just the first note or rest in the left-hand staff where you want the music to go, and paste.

Thank you for the explanation, that works now.