Lyrics and Voice Colors in Print Mode

The View > Note and Rest Colors > Voice Colors menu command toggles voice colors for both notes and lyrics in Write or Engrave mode.

In Print mode, what is the intended effect of this setting? I think the intent was that it has no effect on actual Print output, because notes and rests remain black. But, with Dorico 2, I find that lyrics are colored in Print mode when this option is enabled.

This is a bug, Adam: you’ll need to switch off Voice Colors before you go into Print mode for now. Sorry for the inconvenience! We’ll fix this as soon as we can.

So lyrics are attached to specific notes after all? I thought they were attached to rhythmic positions on the staff. Or are they attached to rhythmic positions in a voice? Just curious…

No, lyrics are just drawn using voice colours if that option is set, to help you see which voice they are associated with.

Thanks Daniel. That was quick!