Lyrics bunch up after changing note duration

I notice that when I change a note duration, for a passage that has lyrics, the lyrics can bunch up, and sometimes even overlap. Is this normal? If so, is there a way to get Dorico to re layout the lyrics?
The overlapping is easily reproducible by using hyphenated words. For example, with a hyphenated word split across two 8th notes, if I select the first note, and then change it to a dotted note, the two words will overlap.
For a simple bunching up, just use completely separate words.
Can upload a project if required, but I’m still very new to this so I’m expecting it to be something simple.

It’s because lyrics are not attached to notes, but to rhythmic positions. This is different from Finale, and has both advantages or disadvantages depending on the scenario. Once you know what to expect, I find it just as easy to work with.

In this case, I’d select the following note and its lyric, press 4, then Alt-right arrow to move it over by a sixteenth (assuming your grid is set to 16ths).

Then select the note before it and turn it to a dotted.