Lyrics: Can't move Chorus line

If I try to move a Chorus Lyric vertically, it snaps back to its original location. Un-checking the “Chorus” box, and the lyrics will stay where they’re moved to.

Sounds like a bug. (Read: something peculiar with your project.) I moved chorus lyrics successfully in a piece a little while ago without any issue.

It may be a bug, or simply a current limitation. Remember that chorus lyrics automatically center between the existing lines of verse lyrics.

I suspect it’s a limitation: I tried in a default project, too. I have a hymn-type thing with 3 verses, and a refrain for the last phrases. The first word of the refrain sits correctly in the middle, but the last line, on its own, sits much higher.

Can you attach an example to show this going wrong? I’m able to vertically adjust the position of ‘Chorus’ lyrics independently from the other lines of lyrics with no problems.

Here you go. The last line will not stay put.
Gabriel’s (886 KB)

Thanks for reporting this. I can see the problem, and we’ll get it fixed for the next update.