Lyrics/Chords no scrolling in the iOS Mods app

As per my previous post.

I can confirm I too am having trouble with the lyrics/chord scrolling in the Live Mods.

The trouble is it starts okay, but then all lyrics disappear from view. The timeline scrolls fine and so does metronome. But just lyrics and Chords disappear.

I can post the project here in necessary.



Just an update.

With some more usage working on a future live set, I’ve found that lyrics does work sometimes. It’s intermittent.

I’ll keep working on the project and will try to identify the cause.

I’m wondering if it’s the home network the Mac and the iPad are connected to.

It’s a firewall/nat issue … i sometime use my android phone as an hotspot when i found this problem, and it solves this way…

Ah righto. I never experience anything of this sort on VST live 1, but I’ll give your method a shot now.

Cheers for the tip!