Lyrics - Congestion issue


Is there a way to clean up the visibility of my lyrics in this full score? I am tight on space so I feel Dorico is behaving the best it can under these cramped circumstances but wondered whether this could be improved? (It’s an A3 score for full orchestra)

Thank you kindly, anyone, for your assistance,

Choir lyrics congested.png

You are right, this is already very congested. You might have a better result if you chose a smaller value in Engraving options > Lyrics > Minimum distance from staff (I’d try 1/2). But this will not be perfect, that’s for sure!

Thank you… ok, yes, I will explore this option

Many thanks

If you have a lot of staves on the page, reducing the staff size by a small amount and using all the extra space between two or three staves can make a big difference. For example if you reduce 20 staves on a page by 5% each , that gives you a whole extra staff of vertical space to play with, which is probably enough to fit in three rows of lyrics.


This is the one I usually start with. If it looks too small then it’s onto adjusting Options / Vertical spacing and/or Margins and maybe finding a bit more room in the Master Pages. If all else fails then onto manual adjustments in Engrave Mode.