Lyrics display (karaoke) VST plug-in?

Hi everyone! :wink:

I have a tiny cover band (bass/singer & guitar / everything else on backtrack).
Since we play with sequences, and we are singing english rock songs to french people, I like having a karaoke screen showing the english lyrics, while we are playing. That way everyone can sing with us. :smiley:

Actually I am working with videos, but:

  • the karaoke video program I am using is not supported anymore.
  • it’s a pain to redo the videos each time we change the backtrack a bit (like just the tempo).
  • videos are using too much cpu & gfx resources for just a static image & text: so to be sure it’s leaving enough resources to Cubase, I’m using a low-res karaoke video (640x480 double-sized to a 19" screen), and you guess it’s a bit blurred.

So! It would be great to have a real-time text display (above a static image, so that it’s not using much cpu), so that I can change the tempo or anything in my sequences and have the karaoke updated easily.

I was wondering if a VST plug-in exist that would just display a static image + text on it.
The text would be typed in the plug-in, and animation synced with midi cc.
That’s to do a simple karaoke display, in real-time, while playing the Cubase sequence.

Any clue? Thanks people! :mrgreen: