Lyrics doesn't show up in cue notes in instrumental parts

I am working on a piece where a choral passage is supposed to appear as cue notes in an instrumental part. At this point, the choir sings a coloratura on a single syllable. The coloratura ends before the instrument is supposed to enter in that part. Therefore, the end of the coloratura is not included in the instrumental part.

Now, here’s my problem. Dorico doesn’t display the lyrics from the beginning of the coloratura under the cue notes in the instrumental part. It also doesn’t display the slur over the notes (because it also ends later). Is there any solution for this?

Thanks in advance!

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If you cut off the cue in the wrong place, Dorico will not know how to interpret the placement of the lyric or the slur. Sad, but true.

You might try adding the lyric syllable in text or creating a to-be-hidden staff to supply a faux sets of notes with adapted lyric and slur included and repositioned.

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I have created a hidden staff line now, copied the corresponding notes along with text into it, generated a syllable at the last note, which I then cover in the part with a text box with a white background. I had to do this the last time in the 90s with Capella… ::((

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In the choral stave that you are cueing, add in an extra note to the end of the coloratura. Then, input a random lyric onto that note only. Then, delete that note (and lyric with it).

This will cause the lyric continuation line (if that’s what you call it) on your missing lyric to stop. Your missing lyric should then reappear in the cue again.

Does this solve the problem?

I’m not sure if it’s the same but this happened to me a few weeks ago:

See Lillie’s response halfway down.