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I know the topic has been discussed before, but I cannot believe how clunky the Lyrics Editor is in VST Live. I have a couple of hundred midi files I am transferring to VST Live from another program. I have .RTF files containing lyrics for all of them (although any text format would do)… I was hoping to be able to just cut and paste the lyrics into the lyric editor and then assign time to them in the left pane. This cannot be done as far as I can tell… you have to re-enter all the text, one small bit at a time. If this is how the lyrics editor works, I will have to stop trying to use VST Live at this time and carry on with my previous program. Shouldn’t have to spend hours and hours retyping what is already in the clipboard (I do hope I am missing something and there is an easier way to do this).


Hi @Pipe_Dreams,

we are always trying to improve VST Live. Thank you that you have pushed that topic back to the top of the discussions.
@Detgyver already requested and suggested to use the LRC File Format to import lyrics with time information. Something like this

[00:12.00]Line 1 lyrics
[00:17.20]F: Line 2 lyrics
[00:21.10]M: Line 3 lyrics
[00:24.00]Line 4 lyrics
[00:28.25]D: Line 5 lyrics
[00:29.02]Line 6 lyrics

… this would help you, too, yes? In your case you would update the RTF files with the time information of the lyrics and then do a “VST Live / Menu / File / Import / Lyrics LRC File”

Sounds good?

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I currently use a program called ShowPlay. It uses .RTF or .TXT files for lyrics. I have attached a sample…. you will note that “time” is simply entered in text as “bars” along with the lyrics, eg: —-6.02—

This is the simplest way to sync lyrics that I have seen. Failing that… being able to cut and paste a whole lyric file into the editor, and then “clicking” the time in the left pane would work well. Lyrics and chord charts are readily available online so not having to type them in as opposed to copy and paste would be a huge time saver. I have not used LRC files so not sure how you would generate them…

(Attachment Time.txt is missing)


… sorry. I guess the forum doesn’t support txt files. Can you zip it and try again?


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You really rock!

It’s been first requested by @Andrey_Katerinskiy on this post then by myself on this one :grin:

This solution is perfect, I’m thinking of a script to extract lyrics embedded into other file types (.mid and more) and convert them into .lrc.

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Here is a screen shot of an RTF file. Note the —-3:43. That is a time indicator. This is a very simple way to enter and synch lyrics.

… sorry. I guess the forum doesn’t support txt files. Can you zip it and try again?


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That does not look like a valid .lrc file and RTF is a way more complex file format than the standard .lrc file, that uses a TXT-File with the .lrc extension.

It is a simple RTF (rich text format) file. I was showing it as an example of how another app utilizes lyrics. No need for .LRC conversion… just download or type up a .TXT file and in this case, just save it as a RTF. The time code is simply imbedded in the text itself. Couldn’t be simpler. Just a suggestion but I would be happy with anything better than what we have now.

We are looking into various import possibilities.

Thank you. One of the benefits of the lyric “scroller” I am used to is that there isn’t time code for each line (as I believe you may be proposing) - which saves a huge amount of programming time. The lyrics simply scroll at the BPM rate of the song. Time code - which is imbedded in the text file, simply “resets” the text - so for after a long guitar solo for example, the code resets the next verse at the top of the screen. I hope this makes sense. The app I am referring to is called “ShowPlay” which utilizes the simplest and best way to support lyrics (IMO). Thanks for listening - look forward to seeing what you come up with.

Hi! I think NOTES function (next to lyrics) does exactly what you’re looking for :slight_smile:
You meight need to reformat time stamps (to make it look “[time beat 4.94137]”)
but discover it first (button in image below will do the stamp/re-stamp “jump points”)
Screenshot 2024-03-03 at 0.41.58

apropo @musicullum , is there a trick to make timestamp displayed more “human-readable”, I coundn’t change how it’s displayed.

Thanks… I’ll take a look at “Notes”…

Try it on computer first (keep notes window opened while playing song)

NOTES seems to be exactly what I am looking for. However, the [time beat] seems to have no relation to the master time/beat window at the bottom. Using MOD, LYRICS scrolls exactly with beats - but in NOTES on MOD as well as on the computer screen, they seem disconnected. The pic below shows that at 6.3.4, NOTES has jumped to 16.0.4. It is very possible I am misunderstanding something. When I try to edit a “Time Beat” on the NOTES page… for example “1.1.1”, the entire Time Beat disappears. So… if the Time Beat on the notes page were to match and work with the main Time Beat of the song, NOTES would work perfectly (don’t need LYRICS).

At this point I would like to once again speak out in favor of the .LRC format. The format has been used by many hardware and software manufacturers for many years and, in my opinion, it would provide the greatest benefit and flexibility for the VSTLive users.

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I’m not opposed to .LRC - I just am not familiar with it. As for me, I just simply copy and pasted my lyrics/chords into “notes”. If the beat/time in the notes synched with the beat/time on the transport bar, I would be golden. I am guessing it already does… I must be doing something wrong.

Hi! Yes, I understand that is a bit tricky. Here is a screen rec, I hope it helps to you:

If you mean iOS MODS app, unfortunately there is some issue with and we’re waiting for fix, but that will work too, while it’s working on computer screen correctly.

Fkalmus - Oh… I knew I was doing it wrong. I assumed that [Time Beat] was either SMPTE or bars like on the transport. I think I see now that it is simply [time beat 1], [time beat 2] etc etc. Yes??

YES!!! It works. The numbers are BEATS (not bars). Once the iOs mod for notes is fixed, this is all I need. I understand others want .LRC to work on the Lyrics tab - but I don’t need it. I am happy with notes. This is the best forum I have ever been on. Thanks all :slight_smile:

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