Lyrics entry nearly impossible


I am having big problems inputting the lyrics into a ready made flow.
Flow has 273 bars of music in 18 staves.
I am inputting lyrics bar 133 at the moment, working in Galley view.
It takes 1 minute and 30 seconds to input 2 words of text (4 syllables).
Sort of painful… if I type faster, without waiting for the popover to move forward, most of the text gets lost. So thats not a solution…
I tried to switch into Page view, but this does not speed the progress up.
Which would be the best way to progress?

Video in real time:

Here’s what I would suggest: create or switch to a layout containing only the vocal staves, and make sure it is the only layout that’s open (and that the project has only a single window open). Save the project, close it, and reopen it. You should find that input is now much faster in that layout, but note that when you open another layout (e.g. the full score), then things will slow down again because Dorico will have to start keeping that layout up-to-date.

Thank you Daniel,

I followed your instructions and lyric input is a joy again…

Hello k_b you are on Mac as i have read. May I know what Mac you’re using? I have an quite old one here but no problems with Sibelius as far as tempo is concerned. I wonder if a newer and faster computer would help with Dorico.

FWIW I’m using Dorico on a 2010 MacBook, with no speed problems. Lyric entry fine.
The only thing I’ve had to wait for is selecting a lot of notes and alt-arrowing them all together (which only happens after I cock something up…).

ReRei, yes I am on MacBook Pro from 2008. But it is absolutely fine with all applications including Dorico. Of course the Mac at home feels snappier, but I can’t see a reason yet to leave this amazing laptop behind :slight_smile:
I have solved the problem with lyric slow input, thanks to fast answer from Daniel.

Thanks k_b and Steve for the replies.