Lyrics entry without melody

Hi All,

Trying to use Dorico to create guitar partsfor my bandmembers.
I’m only aiming to create chords and lyrics.
I can add the chords without any problems, but when trying to add lyrics, it’s expecting the melody do it can align. Is there any way to override this? I have added slashes (/) to all my bars.

Any help would be appriciated.

You could hide the notes after entering the lyrics.

I wish it were a little easier to enter lyrics untethered from notes. You can place the caret anywhere and enter a lyric, but it would be much easier if there were a way to advance the popover in the same way that the chord symbols popover advances: either by beat or by the rhythmic grid.

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Yes. It does seem very restricting and prescriptive.

You could also create a second stave with the melody, enter in the lyrics, then copy the lyrics into to the empty stave (they will maintain their rhythmic position) and hide the stave used for entry.

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