Lyrics false behavior

I posted it a few weeks ago and it is still not working correct.

I start a song with a lyrics-track the stop it an go to another track.

After this i go back to the first track an the lyrics are complete out of time.

I play in a cover band. Sometimes we need to skip a song… yesterday it was verry frustrating for our singers…

… which version of VST Live are you running? Please open the About View and check the version number.

To see the About View
Windows : Menu / Help / About
macOS : Menu / VST Live / About VST Live

Thank you,

Hi Michael, it is version


I remember that this bug was removed a version before…

I still can reproduce it.

… please install the latest Pre-Release (2.0.22) which can be downloaded here.

Is it better?


i still can reproduce it.

New behaviour is: Not every Song has this bug - it`s only a few (from ca. 200 songs) - the same as last night.

… thank you for your report. While switching songs, it the Lyrics View as a “Break-Out” window visible?


We use a PC-monitor for the lyrics, if that is what you mean.

So we have to pull the lyric-screen on a second monitor.

And thats also my workflow at home when i prepare songs for the gig.