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I am a song Writer and when i wake up at five in the morning what i have in mind is a textline with a littel idea fo a possible Melodie. So what i do is i write down the Text first try to make it a good poem and find the right cords on the guitar for a melodie. When i am ready to start Dorico, what i have is a Text some cords and one or two fix notes somewere in the middle of the Text out of the Gitar Akords Then i go to the Piano and search for the Rest of the Notes.
So and thats also the Way i would like to put it in the Programm First the Text then some single notes somewere in the middle and when the Basic Melodie stands then i can fix it with Barres and stuff think about other instruments comming in possible make a hole Orchestra around it. but thats already a weak later - minimum. What i have on the first Day at five in the Morning is a Text line with a small message i want to put into some Musik. can you tell my how to do that or make the Progamm work that way?

Thanks for the feedback, Jack. You can’t really work that way around in Dorico, I’m afraid, because lyrics really need to be attached to rhythmic positions. It’s certainly not an unreasonable way to want to work, though, a kind of analogue for a notebook in which you scribble some lyrics and some chords, but unfortunately Dorico really isn’t designed to accommodate this kind of workflow at the moment.


What I find works for me is to write the lyrics (or lyric idea) in a word processor.

  • I then copy and paste that into a hyphenator on the web and paste the hyphenated lyrics below the original lyrics in the word processor document.
  • In Dorico (in my case) I will enter a melody or (like Cole Porter or Alan Silvestri) may enter just the rhythm of my lyrics on a single note, although I could add chords first if they occurred to me first.
  • I then copy the hyphenated lyrics (or a portion thereof), click on a note, enter lyrics mode and use Dorico’s ability to paste successive syllables onto the notes in my prospective melody.
  • When I am ready, I can call up the caret and press the L key to lock durations and enter pitches from my MIDI keyboard.

If I need to change the rhythmic position of a note, I can use ALT/OPT+Arrow keys so long as I select both the note and lyric syllable I want to move.

That may not be what you would like to see in the future, but it is one way to approach the problem. I hope you may find it helpful.

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I use much the same as Derrek.

I create a single line of crotchets (no meter necessary).
Copy the whole of the hyphenated lyric. Shift-l and just keep pasting!
Next, I switch on insert mode and change the note durations…

For chords at specific positions I just use shift-x text as a memory jog.