Lyrics - Getting Different Types To Share The Same Vertical Position

I switch between “real words” and IPA “lyrics”, using very different fonts for each. The “translation” font is set for Doulos SIL for IPA representation. I input using the lyric popover, then, for any IPA, select those lyrics and check “translation” in the properties panel. A bit cumbersome, but ok.

When both are mixed in the same voice part on the same page (i.e. one phrase in words, the following phrase in IPA), the “translation” (IPA) lyrics are in a lower vertical position than the “regular” lyrics. So I need to select the “translation / IPA” lyrics in engrave mode and manually move them up to align them with the “regular” lyrics. A little more effort, but doable.

However, when there is an extender line from a “translation” lyric into a subsequent page, and the next phrase is “regular” lyrics, the extender line of that page will not move vertically. I tried grabbing both the beginning and ending handle; the line will only move horizontally. To be clear: I can move the “translation” lyric on the previous page, and the portion of the extender line on that page moves along with the letters, but the extension of the line onto the next page does not.

Am I missing something? Is there a better way of doing this (including getting the line to be in the correct position)? Please let me know if an example is needed.

Thank you.

If you are using Dorico 4.1 or later, you could enter both regular and IPA lyrics in the same verse, then select each IPA lyric and use the command Edit>Notations>Lyrics>Edit Single Lyric to change the paragraph style to Lyrics (Translation).

Edit: By using this method, you won’t need to use the property Is translation for the IPA lyrics or move them vertically in engrave mode.

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Thanks a million, John. I was still on 4.0, but after the upgrade to 4.2, this works great! Really appreciate the timely reply.

Mark W.