Lyrics in Cubase or Dorico?

Hi all,

I’m pretty new to Dorico and am still using the trial version. I’ve just finished my first score using Dorico and I’m about to start my second. Just wanted some quick advice:

Should I write the lyrics in Cubase before exporting or is it easier to write them in Dorico? I know how to copy and paste them in Cubase which speeds things up but I was wondering whether it’d be quicker in Dorico?

Any advice much welcome!

Use Dorico! You can copy the text into the clipboard, then hit Cmd/Ctrl + V to enter into each note.

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Thanks! I’m going to give it a go now :slight_smile:

In addition to this, it’s worth noting that the more you can achieve natively within dorico the better your results will be. Sometimes users experience stability issues and graphical glitches when various elements are imported into a score via midi or (more typically) xml. If you do it natively in Dorico you can be sure everything will work smoothly.

is the animation above accurate? will Dorico paste 2- or 3-syllabled words to a single note?
trying to remember how it worked with Sibelius, I don’t think there was any auto-break there either, you had to hyphenate inside the words before pasting them. Which is just as well.

Yes, you need to hyphenate syllables before copying/pasting. You can do this manually in a text editor, or use an online hyphenation tool, such as this one.