Lyrics in Dorico Elements 3.5

I am entering a word underneath two tied notes, and I want it to extend to a further two notes (not tied). There should be a line extending the word to all four notes, but I’m only getting an extension line under the two tied notes. How to fix this, please?

Just keep pressing the space bar as many times as needed.

Brilliant! Many thanks. Pity it doesn’t explain this in the Help piece …

And just to confirm in case anyone wonders, I did this all with the onscreen keyboard.

The manual describes the different ways you can advance the popover to the next note on the page for inputting lyrics, but yes the fact you can press the relevant key multiple times isn’t made explicit there - although it is mentioned here. I’ll make a note to add this to the inputting task.

This is at least already included in the First Steps guide.

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OK, thanks Lillie