Lyrics in each single player layout and once only in partition

I have entered three singers that sing the same lyrics in the partition and have attributed the lyrics to one of them.
The singers have each their own staff.

Is there a way to attribute the lyrics to the other two vocalists in their single player layouts without it showing in the partition (i.e. with only one text showing in the partition)?
The way I did it the text now shows up under each of the voices – which takes up space…

No, there’s not a good way to do this. You could try scaling the lyrics to 1% and nudge them vertically in Engrave mode so that they are superimposed over the staff line, but that’s obviously quite fiddly.

Ok. Thank you, Daniel!

I wish this was on your list of features to be added, just like the display of chords symbols and/or ~diagrams on a layout (and not only player~) basis.

For singers 2 and 3 you could make duplicate layouts without lyrics and include these in the score, using the layouts with lyrics for the parts.

A chord-like approach would only work if all singers sang the same syllable at the same time.

Oh. Simple. Great. Thank you :slight_smile: