Lyrics input messing custom layout

Hey there,

I’m writing this exercises stuff for some students with a custom layout, on some exercises I did input some lyrics and it worked well, then randomly on some others it messes up everything and shifts bars to the next flow (due I guess to overrides in Engrave mode still not pertaining to flows but to absolute pages, hoping this will be addressed in the next update cause it’s been a nightmare for a while).

Any idea why this happens and how to fix it ?
It does not even happen on bars/notes that would need extra space to be displayed, it can be on just a quarter note, just the fact of inputting a lyric sometimes creates a chaos but not on all bars and I don’t have a clue why it’s so random…

Thanks for any advice !!

ok with some more investigation I noticed that when it happens it’s because hyphens are generated from the last bar in which lyrics happened (so sometimes a lot of bars before), so it creates a series of hyphenated bars but in these ending lyrics there are no hyphens !

How to remove them and why are they generated automatically ?

Select the last lyric, check its properties and set it to be the end of a word. I have no idea how it came in a wrong state, I don’t remember having that problem (and I deal with vocal music mainly).

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Thanks so much it worked !

I guess what makes sense in my case is that I was writing an exercise for a workshop I’ll be teaching today in which at some point we’ll have to loop-sing a phrase that has less syllables than its associated rhythm ; so I inputted the lyrics over 4 lines so that they know what to sing and when, on one line I must have hyphenated a last word that has to spread across 2 rhythm figures and jumped to the next line without knowing the hyphen triggered Dorico’s lyric property on the former line.
Now I’ll be aware of that, thanks again !

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