Lyrics lines duplicated in classical and TAB

How do I prevent that lyrics are duplicated under the TAB line in a combined layout with classical guitar and TAB?
I do not find a property to delete or hide the lyrics line under the TAB.

May I ask why you’re writing lyrics that you don’t want to appear in the tab? I’m just curious as to whether you’re using lyrics for actual lyrics (in which case what melody is the guitarist supposed to sing the lyrics to?) or for some other purpose?

It’s real lyrics.
From my “main score” (classical+ tab+ fingerings+ lyrics) I select in different layouts what to display.
So I can have a layout for TAB, classical notation (small), classical notation (large), classical notation with fingerings, and so on.
The fingerings I can switch on and off for each layout. This is very helpful.
Would be good to switch the lyrics on and off like fingerings for each layout. Perhaps in future versions?
(Students don’t need the lyrics in the beginning…)

But on the score layout with all the information the lyrics is doubled for classical and TAB. That looks ugly and is really not necessary.

Sure, I understand. We’ll see about making the lyrics not appear on tab if both notation and tablature are shown.

Another question:
Guitar notes are very often 2 or more voices with different stem directions.
Entering Lyrics only respects the notes of one voice.
Some melodies are using the bass notes to advance too.
Is there a possibility to step forward in relation to another voice or a rhythm metric. I just tried to advance with Shift-Alt-Space but that looks not good because it’s not aligned with metric/2.voice.

No, lyrics are always input according to one voice rather than all of the rhythmic positions on a single staff, because they are also created in the voice of the notes to which they belong.