Lyrics lines that closely follow one another switch lines (elements)

In the attached file, in the “SOPRANO VOX IN C” player, the lyrics for bars 13-18 are currently occupying the first verse line. The lyrics for bars 19-22 currently occupy the 2nd verse line.
I want them both to occupy the line for the first verse, but Dorico won’t let me: I tried selecting one and moving it to the other verse line, but then the adjacent lyric line jumps to the other verse line. I even selected bars 13-22 (the entire section) and tried forcing it to “Line 1” but it still switched…
What gives?
Lyrics (1.88 MB)

Not sure why it wasn’t working for you, but I’ve fixed it, here:

I don’t think it’s an Elements thing, as I can’t think of any limitations related to lyrics that are Elements-specific.

Let me know when you’ve downloaded it so I can delete it from my DB. Thanks.

Downloaded. Thanks.
This continues to happen further into the chart.
Some background: I have been copy/pasting from the top (lead vocal) line to the lines below and editing them (deleting one of the lyrics lines). Would that have a deleterious effect?
There’s gotta be a work-around, though. I can’t believe Dorico would just do that. Finally, I just had to rewrite the lyrics in the proper line. Is there no cut/paste option at least?