Lyrics missing in Page Mode of the Score Editor

I’ve run into a problem where the first word of lyrics is missing on each page after the fourth page of a score.

I have a score that’s 127 measures long that I need to print. When I bring up page mode to refine the page formatting, I found that if the first note of the first measure on the page has a lyric, it will be missing. If I manually re-add the lyric, it will only show up if I stay on the page. If I scroll up or down, the word will disappear. If I reformat the score, so that the edited measure ends up elsewhere on a page, two copies of that lyric will show on the page. Strangely, the first 4 pages will appear correct but all remaining pages will have this problem. If I print the score, the lyrics are still missing.

I’m running Cubase 6.05 64bit on Windows Vista.