Lyrics Notepad

There is the regular project notepad which is nice and works as it should.
I’ve acquired the habit of using it for typing lyrics for vocals which is just as good.
Now … trying to do both at the same time gives me extra work and it’s OK if it’s just a few times
Lately, I’ve tried to the project notepad and the track notepads for notes PLUS the project notepad for lyrics a little more and now it’s getting dirty!!!
It iS possible to build up your song and adding some notes, remove the notes to elsewhere and temporarily import lyrics and sing and record, then replace they lyrics with your notes again.
Is it smooth? Hell, NO!!! :open_mouth: :laughing:

Having a separate lyrics notepad would solve that especially if it could be exported/imported or even better linked to a *.txt file in the project folder.
Then you could work on your lyrics without even having to open Cubase and when you do you don’t have to update the lyrics because they’re already updated since they’re linked.
That would make me a happy camper!!!

While I’m at it It would also be great to have ALL notepads remember their zoom level so they don’t revert to the default tiny font size as soon as you close the note editor.
Is it tedious to zoom every time you edit something while trying to sing? Yes! Yes, it is tedious! :laughing:
I stumbled on the text zoom by default btw. It’s CTRL+SHIFT+SCROLLWHEEL.

Anyways, a lyrics notepad would be brilliant!

I put this as a suggestion in the feature request poll recently, a songwriting app built into Cubase: lyrics chord symbols.
I like your idea of an offline version that updates into Cubase. So +1 from me for this.
I don’t know why we don’t have this already. It seems like such an obvious thing to have. It might just be me being stupid assuming that a music/song production software might need something like this.
Anyway another +1.

yeah! and at least 90% of the code should already be there or it’s so basic these day there’s no excuse not to include it hehe?
It’s not stomping on any toes of other features of Cubase either so when it works it works.

btw I’ve written chords in text format like this since forever and it works good enough for me
Replace all the underscores wuth one TAB per space

Generally it works but Cmaj7sus9add6 might screw things up! :laughing: