lyrics - offset for row numbering

is it possible to have an offset for row numbering in lyrics?
by engraving psalms i had the problem to have for example 20 strophes.
i decided to use the first 10 strophes under the notes on the first page.
then i copied and pasted the notes to the second page and pasted the lyrics for strophe 11 to 20 there.
now i had the problem to tell the first row that his number begins with 11. if i do so it will be shown with very much space down and away from the notes. only number 1 shows the lyrics under the score.
if i could tell in the options line 1 has the shown number 11 (with an offset) this would be nice.
i solved this problem in using the number in the text and not showing the strophe numbers on the second page.

Couldn’t you make the lyrics on the second page actually line 11? It should still be positioned as close to the staff as line 1 would be, provided no lower-numbered lines are actually present there.