Lyrics only writing under notes on the same line; skipping notes on other lines

I’m using the lyrics function to write stickings for marching percussion. The issue I’m having is that when I start to input lyrics, it only writes on one line and will skip notes not on that line. I thought the lyrics function was supposed to move on to the next note, not the next note on that line.

In this video you can see that when I start typing lyrics (stickings), it only writes lyrics for the notes on the F line and skips the notes on the C line. I’ve googles this and searched this forum and haven’t found any answers so any guidance would be helpful. Thanks!


That is because this 5-line-staff is a condensed representation of various instruments, and Dorico attaches lyrics to an instrument, and even to a voice in an instrument. Maybe you could achieve your result by changing the C notes (snare?) to the kick? Well, all notes to the same instrument. Then you can put the notes back where you want, the lyrics should remain (because they can stand anywhere in the score)

I think they way you currently have to enter them is actually less error-prone. Of course it would be nice to do all the notes in the order they’re played, but if you’re switching between lowercase and capitals anyway, I would consider this an advantage.