Lyrics (or notes ?) spacing problem

Why does this happen ?

I put in a lot of quarter notes and pasted the lyrics from a plain text file. So far it looked good.
But when I then change the duration of the notes (with insert mode on) this happens.
The parts looks fine but the score doesn’t. In galley view all looks good.
All is up-stem voice 1.
It’s Doricos template SATB + piano.
Any ideas ?
BTW - I don’t see any attachment lines from the lyrics to the notes, although they are turned on ?

Lyrics are not attached to notes but to locations in the measure once you click them to a note.

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Yes, if you change the note durations, you must make sure that the lyrics are selected, too. Then they should move with the notes.

Vocal Parts…? :astonished:

Ok, - but how come it looks fine in the parts then ?

You would have to show us the Dorico file for us to answer that question.

It looks like this system is just too tightly-spaced to accommodate everything.

(PS jour-ney is two syllables)

User error… - partly… - casting off was set to 4 bars…
Maybe that should be changed in the default SATB + piano template ?

Thank’s for trying to help :slight_smile:

Dorico doesn’t have any fixed casting off set up in any project template, so far as I recall. Not even the Lead sheet project template.

Hmm… - if I open “choir SATB with piano” casting off is set to 4 bars. Same for other templates.
I haven’t set casting off as a default… :thinking:

Casting off is not set for me on any template. What happens if you create a new document without a template? Are you sure your Layout Options haven’t been saved like that?

You obviously have set this as a default, Mads. Try clicking Reset to Factory in the Layout Options dialog in a new project and see what happens…

Well - will this reset a lot of other things ? - I’ve made some custom settings I’d rather keep.
I did try to untick casting off and saved that as default, but that doesn’t change casting off when loading templates.

Yes, I was merely illustrating that you have changed it, even if you didn’t mean to. You can selectively reset individual settings to their factory defaults using the Library Manager.

Thank’s Daniel, I never used the library manager before, - it’s quite impressive.
But - reset to factory in the library only resets the current project, while reset to factory in the layout options in a score resets a bunch of other things as well.
If I untick casting off and save that as default, I would expect a new file to have no casting off, but it still shows 4 bars.
I’m confused…

hello Mads ,
when you enter text do you enter a syllable + Space bar, a syllable + Space bar etc… ?
or you enter all the text in one time ?

For me it’s ok
If no you can change the note spacing whith command+shift+L"

you can select the text & use the allignement of text on notes

I’m not sure that’s a good idea: different syllables need different alignments, depending on their context.

However, the thread has moved on to user settings not being saved.

This is very weird.

Remember that there are two separate Layout Option defaults: one for Scores and one for Parts.

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Yes - I’ve only been dealing with scores.

In which case, if your defaults really arent being saved, then I can only think it’s something like your layout options files have got corrupted, or locked.

On a Mac, the user settings are in ~/Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Dorico 5/

(On Windows, it’s the similar “User settings” area, in Steinberg\Dorico 5\ folders. Someone will confirm if you can’t find it.)

There will be files there called layoutOptions_scores.xml (and one for parts and custom scores). You could try deleting that file (or moving it); restarting Dorico, and then re-save your settings from an existing project file.

Hello Cybergolio,
That problem has been solved. Casting off was set to 4 bars. Spacing is ok now.

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