lyrics over bar lines

When the first word in a bar is to long Dorico places the word so that the beginning of the word lies under the bar line. The only way I see to correct this is shuffling the respective words in engrave mode. But the the word is no longer centered with the respective note.

Would using the Properties settings for affected lyrics help align them as you wish?

I just tried it out. The word should be centered.

Care to upload a picture showing your exact situation? I think that might help us help you better.

here you are.
Bildschirmfoto 2016-12-11 um 21.16.15.png

Vocal bar lines shouldn’t join staves. What “instrument/player” are you using?

That file uses the Piano player for choral work–that is what causes the problem.

As there is no template for a choir on 2 systems I used a piano template. maybe it has to do with that.