Lyrics placement on condensing view

I’m playing with the condensing feature on Dorico 3, with a 4-part Choir (SATB).

Actually I have the lyrics on the Soprano player. When I enable the condensing mode, lyrics are placed on top.

How place lyrics between the Soprano/Alto and Tenor/Bass staves?
Is there good practices?

Also not related, the bass notes are transposed one octave up. Weird?

You should add lyrics to all four singers’ parts, rather than only adding them to the soprano part; they appear above the condensed staff rather than below because they don’t match.

At the moment it’s difficult to use condensing for SATB short score because Dorico will use the transposition of the tenor staff instead of the bass staff, meaning everything ends up an octave too high. This is something that will be addressed in the next feature-focused update.

Ok I understand, and it make sense.
However we have a lot of songs, so for now it might be too much to manage lyrics for all SATB parts.

We will stay on the classic “Choir”, but I’m looking forward to the evolution of this really nice feature (it gonna be interesting on songs where singers have differents lyrics).

Depending how different the lyrics were, putting the choir on two staves might not be that good an idea anyway.

I’m condensing Sopranos and Altos. The Note Values and Lyrics are the same for all except 4 bars. Is there a way to only show the lyrics above the Stave for those 4 bars in the Full Score layout?

Try putting the common lyrics in the Alto part and the separate above-the-staff lyrics in the Soprano part. (1.33 MB)

Thanks Derrek - that’s what I neded up doing. I’ll tackle the issue of the Soprano part layout later…