lyrics position different on full score and vocal parts

I have a score in which vocal lyrics are squashed and illegible in one bar of the full score. They are spaced fine on the vocal part, and throughout the full score. How might I sort this out? There are no forced system breaks squashing the bar.
Thanks for recommendations.

Could you attach the project itself so we could have a look, Rachel?

In the absence of the project itself, check that you don’t inadvertently have fixed casting-off set on the Staves and Systems page of Layout Options. You might also consider adjusting the page and/or staff size on the Page Setup page of Layout Options.

Dear Daniel, thank you.

I have checked casting-off.

And I would like to attach the project as you suggest but this web interface does not allow me to! Attachments allowed do not include those with Dorico extensions. What am I doing wrong?


I guess you can download it from here? (Note bar 66.)

Dorico files need to be zipped in order for this forum software to accept them.

Hi Rachel. This is a very simple issue to correct. It can happen when there are too many characters to fit on a line. You can move the note C on “will” to the right a bit using note spacing in engrave mode. And then back in graphic editing, move your words left and right so they are not overlapping, using alt and arrow keys.

Just noticed there should be no hyphen before the word “birds”. Go to the previous word in bar 65 and use the spacebar after the word “the” instead of a hyphen.

Bar 78 - simply select the word “sleeves” in engrave mode and alt arrow to the right a bit. You can also select the playing techniques “Sul tasto” and in engrave mode, in the bottom panel click erase background. I fixed all the issues but could not upload your zipped file. 2.8 mb is too big for the system I guess. Cool piece!

Thank you very much David! I have solved those problems now, although I was able to find a way to move the individual note C in bar 66 using note spacing - I was only able to alter the default note spacing for that bar. Could you give me a blow-by-blow instruction?!

Regarding the hyphen you mention, I have a question. Is there a hyphen to show that a word such as ‘the’ is split over 2 notes, but that doesn’t spill into the next note? That’s what I’m looking for.

FInally, and this is really a separate thread, I cannot find sul pont, by default the text shifts to a little symbol like an eyebrow that really doesn’t seem to be very standard.

I can see a single syllable word (“the”) held for two notes, which Dorico does easily. I cannot imagine it split over two notes.

Yes, advancing after “the” with Space should show an extender line if there’s enough space but leaving “the” positioned on the first note.

Sul pont: there are, unintentionally, two playing techniques that by default have the same popover string. You can change the string for the symbol in Engrave>Playing Techniques>String to something else, leaving “sul pont” just for the text playing technique.