Lyrics Shifting Spontaneously

Hello All–
I’ve run up against this type of scenario multiple times in various projects: sometimes shifting one element affects a completely different set of elements however slight it may be. In this example, I’m shifting the word “a” after adjusting a note value and suddenly the lyrics line for the part above moves even though it shouldn’t be affected in the slightest. Has anyone else experienced this?

(PS- Daniel, if you’re reading this, I’m sending the file along right now.)

This is not new to me too.

I’ve come across this, and found it safer not to move the lyric but delete it and re-enter it in the right rhythmic position.

It’s not the lyrics that are shifting, but instead the slur on the word “right” three bars later in the alto staff. The lyrics move because the slur shape changes and therefore the whole line has to be offset. The reason the slur is being updated is because moving the lyric to a different rhythmic position changes the rhythmic spacing of the system.