Lyrics shifting upon removal of measures at start of flow

I am encountering an issue with lyrics moving when I delete measures at the start of my flow. The lyrics are not words, they are stickings for battery percussion (snares, tenors, 5 basses). there are about as many individual lyrics as there are notes in the snare/tenor parts, so manually fixing these isn’t an option.

Here is an example of a section of music before i delete 16 empty bars that are at the start of the flow:

After deleting the first 16 bars of the flow (via the system track), this is what that same section of music looks like:

If I undo the measure delete, the stickings remain in this position, so I’m really not sure what is going on here. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Actually think I solved it. No idea what the issue was but i tried a couple things and it worked.

  1. change score to scrolling view

  2. in layout options > players > percussion > display snares, tenors, & basses as single line instruments

  3. in layout options > players > bar rests > consolidate: None

  4. re-input my bar number change in the 17th measure of the flow.

  5. delete first 16 measures of flow

  6. re-do multimeasure rest consolidation, change instruments back to 5-line staff.