Lyrics spreading out

Any idea how this is happening?

The lyrics are definitely lines 1 and 2, and they are both anchored to the same voice (upstem voice 1) but for some reason lyric line 2 has placed an extra line away from lyric line 1 on that first system (it should look like the second system)

Hi. Have you tried closing the document and opening it again? Or closing Dorico and relaunching it? Sometimes, vertical glitches self-correct when restarting Dorico. I’m not saying it’s normal, but it sometimes (seldom) happens.

I’ve tried that now but to no avail… Any other ideas? I’ve tried changing the text position from below to above, changing the line number from 2 to 1 and back etc…

I’ve also tried deleting and re-inserting the lyric. Even in engrave mode:

What value do you have set for distance between lines of lyrics? Engraving Options–Lyrics.

Have you tried resetting the lyric offset values for that page?

Also, is there a chance there is a hidden space character in the verse 1 translation line, for instance, in the first bar?

Also, was one of the two lines of lyrics input above, originally, and then flipped down?

If the stave happens to be part of a divisi then there’s a known bug regarding note being able to successfully adjust lyric lines in Engrave mode. That wouldn’t explain the default position, though.

The default 1 space

Huh. Can you post it?

How do you do that?

Nope nothing there

I thought possibly as I have been doing that at other points but not in this case no

It is using divisi, and interestingly, I’ve now changed the way I’m doing divisi to make it a bit more logical (before I had a single voice divided into SA and TB, now I’ve created an SA player and a TB player and at other points divisi. Copying the material onto these lines seems to have fixed the problem! The issue is fairly moot now, but interesting…

I feel a bit odd about posting my unfinished sketches to a public forum… It’s fixed now (although I still have an older file I can play with)

The known bug (see Adjusting lyrics vertically on divisi staves - #2 by dspreadbury) is to do with divisi staves that aren’t the first stave on the divisi, so, for instance, if you have a Soprano staff and an Alto staff belonging to the same instrument, I’d expect you to be able to vertically adjust the lyrics on the Soprano staff but not the Alto staff.

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Sounds like that might be it then

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There is an option in the edit menu (I believe) to reset all lyric offsets for a given page. I can’t remember off the top of my head which sub menu it is in engrave mode.

Engrave menu—Lyric offsets