Lyrics time being highlighted

Please make possible to drag lyrics time being highlighted via timeline or by lyrics editor.

Hi @Horna,

sorry, I can not follow you. Can you please give me some more hints or wokflow descriptions?

Thank you,

I want to drag (draw) the time lyrics are highlighted by a different color. Ie. 41.1 -45.1. Not only 41.1. - 42.1 like it now does.

You need to change the bar division in tracks… I had the same trouble at the beginning

Hi @Pieffe,

I see your problem. You are missing a quantise setting only for the LYRICS view. We’ll add that. But I think @Horna is talking about another problem which I still not understand. Let me try to think loud :

So we have a lyric event with the following attributes

If I select the event it will be highlighted with a rectangle

But only for the a selected event. Questions :

  • Do you want to see those rectangles for all lyrics-events?
  • Do you want to have the option to resize the event with the mouse?
  • Do you want to have a different color for the rectangle frame?

Every hint is helpful. Maybe you can describe your workflow a bit more?

Thank you,

Pieffe, not that what I was missing.

Yes, I want to resize event length so it is highlighted that period of time of what size event box is. Now it is highlighted only period of ie. 4.1, 4.2, 4.3, 4.4…

Cool thanks Michael