Lyrics verse numbers

I’m entering some carols into Dorico to test it out, and I want to be able to show the verse number at the start of the lyrics. It works to do number, full stop, then Shift-Alt-Space and start typing; is that the best way and is that something that’s likely to change later?

The proper way is to open engrave options (cmd/ctl+shift+e), go to lyrics page and check the right option (see picture attached).

Hope it helps !

Sadly that gets them completely wrong. As this is in the style of a hymnal, I have line one on the first section of music which actually is verse one, then line two, which due to a repeat is the second line of verse one. Somehow I’m going to put the other verses below the music on the first page (I haven’t looked into that, yet), and then the next page’s music has the highest line as verse five.

I did not foresee the complexity of the work you are engraving, with multiple sections of verses… Since the 1-2 repeats are not implemented yet in Dorico, there is no way the software is able to “understand” how the lyrics are supposed to be read. We will have to wait for a brilliant engine to be implemented in Dorico that would automate the process, but in the meantime, I guess the workaround you described at the beginning of the thread is the way to go !

As a sneaky workaround, Iain, you could use the translation feature to fake this up: each line of lyrics has a separate translation line, which uses a different font style (see Engrave > Font Styles for the settings for lyrics, chorus lyrics, and translation lyrics), so you could write your repeated line of lyrics using line 1’s line of translated lyrics, which you get to by typing Alt+down arrow in the lyrics popover. The translation line won’t show its own verse number.

That is indeed sneaky! I’d be a bit wary of using an actual semantic feature to bodge things at this stage, so I’ll probably stick to the extra text for now. Thanks.

FR regarding lyrics: I found a situation with hymnody where a hymn contained a repeat structure so the music for the first and second phrases of each verse is the same. (Edit: this is being fitted into a worship aid, too, so I needed to not “expand” the music because I couldn’t fit the additional stave.) To present the text properly, I had to use the translation layers to get the second lines to sit beneath the first. The problem I ran into was when the verses continued on into the third phrase after the mid-system repeat bar marking.

You need to continue in the translation layer so that the text aligns properly, however after a system break I couldn’t force the verse numbers to show on those layers (because there were no primary/regular layers of text above the “translation” layer.) Eventually I just had to switch which layer the text was in after the system break, but it would be nice if after a system break, translation layers could have their verse numbers show independently from the primary layer. Hopefully this makes sense.